Dreams and the Paranormal

Yes, Dreams are a Channel for Paranormal Experience.

There are many types of paranormal experiences that have
been reported in dreams. Some of them are:

Dream Telepathy
Mutual Dreaming
Lucid Dreaming
Out of Body Experience

Before I tell you about paranormal dreaming. I have to tell you
about a Porpoise. You need to understand that stories about
the paranormal are all like the porpoise story. The
extraordinary ones remain in discussion, while failures are
dropped. The guy who dreams up the lottery number and
wins is news. The guy who loses his shirt on his "dream"
number just goes home. The successful cases survive. They
are all like the Porpoise story.

"In the tales of the sea, there are may stories about some
poor lad who falls off the ship and watches as his ship sails
away. His situation is hopeless. He is beginning to sink when
a porpoise comes along, plays with the hapless man's body
and bobs him to a desert island, where lo-and-behold, he
survives and is rescued.

Upon his return home, he tells everyone the remarkable story
of how his "Friend" the Porpoise saved him, saying,
"Porpoises must sense something about us in danger and be
motivated to help, blah, blah, blah."

All the poor lads who were bobbed out to sea by a Porpoise
drowned. We only get the successful stories, the failure are
all dead. So we have remarkable tales of the paranormal.
Take that grain of salt, and please proceed.

Gregory Bateson told the Porpoise Story in response to the
question, "What do you think of Telepathy?" Types of
Paranormal Dreams

Dream Telepathy
Telepathy is defined as the transfer of information from one
mind to another without any apparent channel of
communication. Dream Telepathy is the transfer of dream
content, the exchange of ideas, images or contact in dreams.
It involves gaining access to information to which you should
not have been able to have access.

Precognition is knowing about an event before it actually
occurs. Precognitive dreaming involves seeing images or
idea forms in dreams that pertain to events that have not yet
unfolded in our own world. The essential ingredient is that the
information comes about events that at some later time
unfold and the dream image is present.

Mutual Dreaming
The most fun of the paranormal dreams, a mutual dream is a
special case of telepathy in which two people meet in a
dream, engage each other in some way and wake in their
separate worlds.

Lucid Dreaming
Wake Up! Lucid Dreaming is being sufficiently aware in your
dream that you can guide the content, ride the big one, or
coast with the show, and yet not jump into full waking
consciousness. It is about stopping to smell the perfume and
discovering that they are changing into flowers and you are in
a dream. Don't Wake up! Has significant Body Experience
Taking the dreaming mind for a spin around town and
dropping in on a few friends. This is the basis of astral travel.
I submit that the OOBE is the entry point for all types of dream

Subsequently then we know that the mind is open in
dreaming and aware of what is being fed into it... So don't be
surprised if a spiritual type entity uses that to communicate or
to give you information you may need.  Log your dreams and
see if there is a significant pattern.  Study them and maybe
your answers are in your dreams..