Haunted 2
A Hannah Mansion Connection
By Debbie Lynn Morris

The Hannah House or the Hannah Mansion has been a part of
my life for several years.  It is a wonderful and beautiful Historic
Landmark for Indianapolis, Indiana where I grew up.  The
stories of the haunting there have been told for years.  In the
nineties  before it's current renovations a yearly Haunted House
was held there with the proceeds going to charity.  

My youngest child Kyle became very  involved with the activities
there.  He participated until some time after the year 2000 when
they were no longer holding the event any longer.  However it
was a place that he loved.  In January 2006 Kyle passed away
suddenly.  My believing in the paranormal have and still do
believe that I can communicate with him.  He had always told
me that if he should die before me,  he would let me know if
there was such an existence after life.  Shortly after his death I
had a message appear on my voice mail with no numbers on
the caller ID or any other reference for that matter that I had, had
a call.  This message was a series of three consecutive
electrical impulses and nothing else.  I contacted the phone
company to make sure my voice mail was working properly and
asked them to check the number from which the call came.  It
was they told me a series of zero's, no actual number.  Within a
few days I received an email from an account Kyle had, had
from years ago.  It simply read...  "Hi Mom"  and had the Link to
TAPS with it.  When I went to their site I searched the page for
some recognition of him...  Some message per say and the
only thing I found that could have been between the two of us
that could pertain to him,  was an advertisement for The Hannah
Mansion.  I searched the link over and saw that they were
Hosting overnight stays at the house,   which by the way I am
still trying to arrange.  However I made a trip there with the
group and we walked the perimeter,  we took photo's and the
only thing I found there that I didn't remember seeing before was
a tower that was used for phone and electricity... It is not in use
any longer but the cables are still on it.  The tree beside it had a
blue marker on it.  I had spoken with a Medium after his death
and she kept associating the color blue with him.  Oddly in my
just being there I could feel him.  I stayed so strongly drawn to
the house that my husband and I had our wedding there this
past September.  A lot of guests didn't show because of "The
Haunted Hannah Mansion"  but it was the best place to have the
wedding.  I fully intend to return with the group for an over night
stay.  Who knows what might happen.
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